Urban Safari

Every piece of London is different from one another, and the City of London makes no exception. Home of financial giants and of the largest law firms, it lives on weekdays and sleeps on weekends.

This stunning mixture of historical monuments and high-tech towers is the designated habitat for a very unique species: the Business Man. Especially at lunch time, countless specimens can be observed. With their dark uniform – rigorously suit and tie – they can be easily spotted against the sand-coloured walls and the shiny windows. Some of them buy sandwiches in food chains, some are still busy running from one building to the other and carrying bundles of papers. But most of them are found hiding in the nooks and crannies of their buildings, engaged in their favourite activities: smoking and checking their phones.

This playful exploration of the City’s “wildlife” was born from my curiosity about this category of people: how do they find their identity in the environment they live in from 9 to 5, wearing the “uniform” they wear? Are they happy with the lifestyle they have chosen?