May I come in?

Everyone has an interior world, home to our deep thoughts, fears and longings. It is a vulnerable space, and it is difficult to allow someone else to enter it.

Although we are in contact with a considerable number of people every day – either virtually or in person – most of these interactions remain superficial. Besides, we often have to hide behind a socially acceptable facade, as showing vulnerability is considered inappropriate or foolish. Creating an authentic relationship with others can be a struggle, and many people – young people too – experience an underlying loneliness.

Staging images which do not claim to be realistic, the project attempts to visualize two contrasting feelings: the fear of letting others enter our intimacy, opposed to the longing for true contact with another human being. The subjects of the photographs end up standing by the door: wishing the other to enter, wishing to be let in, but unsure about what to do.

This project has been short-listed for the Royal Photographic Society International Photography Exhibition 160.